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Fire Ring and Wok

Ready to cook

Our Plow Disk Campfire Cooker is fabricated from heavy gauge steel plate to insure years of use. The cooker is designed to operate in one of three ways.

  1. Place a small (4 pound) bag of inexpensive self lighting charcoal inside the 15 inch fire ring. Tear open the bag, light the charcoal and wait until the brickquettes are well lit and have begun to turn grey. Place the disk with 3 legs attached over the fire ring. In a very short time your disk will be ready to use.
  1. If charcoal is not available, small kindling may be substituted as a fuel source. Proceed to cook when the disk is hot. Additional kindling can be inserted through the “V” notches in the top of the fire ring or the disk can be removed. The 3 sturdy legs will support the disk while adding wood and also when cooking has been completed.
  1. A campfire can be substituted as the heat source without the fire ring. Better results can be obtained by shoveling coals to one end of the fire. The disk can quickly get too hot over open flame.

Our disk can be used for a wide variety of foods. It is great for fajitas, burgers, fries, fish, chili, bacon and eggs or any number of items. It will easily hold fajitas for 15 persons with room for warming tortillas around the top edge.

Clean up is easy. Remove all traces of food and place the disk back over the heat source. Add plain water and allow it to heat. Use tongs or other device to “scrub” the disk with a rag, dish towel or even paper towels. It will quickly come clean with little effort. Soap is not necessary and should not be used. When dry, wipe a thin coat of vegetable oil over the entire disk surface to prevent rusting. Please store the disk in a dry location.

Remember to protect our forest and campgrounds from wild fire. Use the fire ring to contain all embers and extinguish your fire completely before leaving camp. Be aware that the disk is very hot when in use and small children should not be allowed near the disk. Burns can happen quickly.